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Exhibiting My Photos

My photographic landscapes have been in juried shows as well a solo show. My greatest love of photography is being out in nature enjoying moments that satisfy my soul and being. I don't believe that art is only going to a gallery or museum to see, to me art is how I live my life and is how I sense and interact with my world. Exhibiting my work is also fulfilling to share the emotion and love of nature to others.

Prints & Framing

Printing my images has evolved over years, I have always enjoyed the experience of color images and have transitioned from a wet color darkroom to my current digital capture and printing. I continue to make archival prints on cotton based papers. I present these prints floating in a deep frame without an over mat under ultra violet glass protection.


A major comprehensive show of "Native Water Lilies of Yellowstone: Fine Art Photographs by Wilbur Wong" was at the Helen Crocker Russell Library located at the San Francisco Botanical Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

O'Hanlon Gallery

Falkirk Gallery

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